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Goat Simulator Payday APK [Free Download]

Download Goat Simulator Payday android game for Free

Goat Simulator: payday is that the most reprehensively realistic goat simulation yet! prima four new main thugs – A flying wading bird, a wheelchairing dolphin, a spit artiodactyl mammal and a goat that’s simply extremely handsome.

Dodge the police by stealing and driving different people’s cars, as a result of it’s too dear to shop for your own.

– FOUR awe-inspiring NEW MAIN GOATS, seriously these guys area unit like they’re from associate degree Al battercake moving picture.

– One will fly and management people’s brains, another will climb any surface with a chair and a 3rd will spit water that it stores in it’s back. Disgusting.

– PRANKNET – a information stuffed with stupid “jobs” for your crew to try and do. however World Health Organization cares. They pay well.

– obtain masks to disguise your identity in order that the police won’t catch you. or simply to seem cool.

– There area unit like fourteen new mutators to unlock. I’m not even kidding. So many.

– Did I say that you just will steal and drive cars?

Goat Simulator Payday.apk game is fully cracked having all the original features. Enjoy!

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